Transform Your Otherwise Boring Walls into a Masterpiece

Let your interior walls sparkle with fine elegance, smoothness, and top-notch appeal. You can make your home to sparkle every day. Yes, you can transform your otherwise boring walls into a masterpiece using the right painting techniques. This will help bring out the very best in your environment and can also enhance the look and feel of other items in your room such as carpet, furniture, and even electronics.

stripping painting technique1. Striping Paint Technique

Stripes are a great decorative technique that can take the form of horizontal or vertical stripes. Make a unique statement in your home by painting stripes on your walls. To make the ceiling to appear higher, use the vertical ones. On the other hand, horizontal stripes make a room to look spacious. A design of stripes on your walls, can take any form or shape. You will need to decide on the direction and size of your stripes. Then, you should calculate the total surface area to be painted. With facts about surface area and size of each stripe, you can determine the number of stripes required.

2. Texture Paint A Wall

You can paint texture, patterns or even murals on the walls of you house. With texture, you create realism right at your home by painting realistic scenes and images, on the walls. If you are looking for an interesting way to change the interior walls of your home, you can texture paint them so that to enhance their appearance.

Paint can be enhanced dramatically using texture. Incorporating fascinating textures while you are painting a wall will infuse a desired mood into an interior space. This design technique takes different forms. You can opt for bold textured walls.

Giving your walls an illusion of texture is something that will make your home to be very inviting. Depending on the application pressure you will use and your selection of colors, a unique appearance can be achieved on each of the walls of your home. The results of texture painting can be stunning, if it is done right.

crackle painting on furniture3. Crackle Painting Technique

Maybe you fancy the idea of having a unique design on your walls. If that is the case, you can try out crackle painting technique. With this, you create cracks in paint so that to reveal the color underneath. Use technique to give your painted surfaces, an aged appearance.

The first step you should carry out in relation to crackle painting technique is to apply a base coat and leaving it to dry overnight. Then, you should use a masking tape to cover the areas that you do not want to crackle. Finally, using a brush and a roller cut in the desired edges.

4. Color Washing Painting Technique

If you envisage the walls of your house bathed in eerie nightly hues, there is a painting technique that can make your dreams come true. It is the color washing painting technique. Maybe you want to bring subtle colors to your walls. If that is the case, you simply need to blend colors using a color washing painting technique. The end result will be a design that will make your house more inviting. This interesting painting technique is perfect for every room of your house.

5. Faux fabric effect with paint

Go ahead and evoke the warmth of your favorite jeans, right at your walls. With some practice and a dry brush, you can create the look of fabric on your walls. This design will be an appearance of fabric variations or elegant lines that will take the look of your house, to a whole new level.

Whether you love the smoothness of leather, the charm of suede or the warmth of jeans, there is a painting technique that can make your walls to mirror a desired design pattern. You can create interesting texture and design on your interior walls and make your home to be a masterpiece. With the right painting technique, an otherwise mediocre house will have top-notch appearance.

Often times, when it comes to designing our living spaces, we find ourselves in need of packing and shipping furniture. Whether you've just found the perfect grandfather clock at your local indoor swap meet or are out and about and see the perfect end table at a antique shopping mall, you will need some furniture shipping know how.

Moving fragile items from one location to another can be tricky. This is because it is impossible for anyone including established shipping companies to guarantee their arrival in one piece. Moreover, horror stories of shipping company employees throwing packages into compounds/properties of recipients as if they were discarding dirty rags do not inspire confidence. With this in mind, proper packaging plays a big role in keeping fragile items intact during shipping. Here are some tips packing and shipping fragile items to get you started:

Quality Packaging Boxes

For this task, use new boxes or boxes that are in good condition. There is a good reason why you should do so. Boxes that you have already used to pack and ship goods in the past are likely to have undergone drops, bangs, exposure to the elements, and squashing while in transit. As a result, the structural integrity of such boxes is likely to be compromised meaning using them again to ship fragile items is not a good idea. For this reason, purchase and use new boxes.


Besides new boxes, you will need cushioning materials as well. These are necessary to prevent packed items from shifting around while in transit. If you can, go for high-performance polystyrene or polyurethane materials. Packing peanuts will also come in handy even if you have used them before. Other cushioning materials you may use include bubble wrap, tissue paper, shredded papers, air pillows, packing foam, coffee filters, and Styrofoam egg cartons. Out of these, packing peanuts are highly recommended because they have the best shock absorbing qualities.


When packing and shipping fragile items, wrap them carefully using the appropriate wrapping material such as bubble wrap and use tape to secure wrapping material. Depending on factors like size and fragility of item to ship, you can cover it with several sheets of wrapping material. When shipping an item overseas, consider putting the item inside a ZipLock bag. This will keep it dry even if outer box gets wet.

Box in a Box

A handy tip you can use to reduce the likelihood of damage to a fragile item is the "box in a box" packing technique. In simple words, this involves packing item in a box and them packing the first box in another box. Additionally, remember to fill the empty spaces with cushioning material like packing peanuts. This technique further immobilizes packed items making it highly likely they will arrive at final destination intact.

antique dining table

Consult Experts

If you face difficulties packing a particular item in readiness for shipping, do not shy from consulting an expert. Most shipping companies have experts who can offer great advice or guide you through a packaging challenge. Alternatively, seek advice from neighbors, friends, or family members who may have shipped fragile items in the past. Another resource you can use to navigate through any packaging and shipping hurdle is the World Wide Web. Out of these, the best option is contacting the nearest shipping company. Such businesses tend to have certified shipping and packaging experts.

Seal and Label

After packing every item you intend to ship, seal all boxes properly. Make sure you tape the top, bottom, and the seams. This reinforces box further making it hard to split open before reaching its final destination. After this, label each box with your name and address to make tracking easier. Remember, your package could get lost given the large number of packages shipping companies handle every day.


Packing and shipping fragile items typically requires great care. As such, you will require new moving boxes or used boxes in good condition. Additionally, you will need cushioning materials such packing peanuts, bubble wrap, packing foam, or coffee filters. Moreover, you should consult an expert if you face difficulties packing items. Finally, seal and label boxes.

budget home designWhether you're moving into a new home or you've made the decision that your current home is in need of a design makeover, achieving the look you want does not have to bust your budget. With a few simple pointers you'll be able to create a completely new design with far less investment and work than you ever thought possible.

One of the quickest and most affordable options to change the design of just about any room is to add a new coat of paint. You can use a neutral palette or choose from a plethora of color options. In fact, you can even use multiple colors in the same room. Try highlighting one wall with a focal color that works with your theme or consider stenciling to help add color and interest to your decorating project.

Another easy project that can make a dramatic difference in the look of a room is to simply change your flooring. While new carpet or the installation of hardwood floors can be a wonderful addition to any décor, there's still plenty you can do even if you aren't ready to invest in new floor covering. Consider adding throw rugs or even painting a rug; you can even paint a wood floor. This can add a beautiful touch to a foyer or entry area.

Window treatments are another area where you can add color, style or bring interest to a room without spending a great deal of money. There are many styles of curtains that you can make yourself with nothing more than some very basic sewing skills. Whether you choose to make your own window treatments or you purchase ready-made coverings, you'll have an excellent selection of colors and styles to help create a unified and very attractive look for any window.

Consider making your own cornice boards, curtains or valance. When you want to add style to a room, there's nothing like the flexibility that comes from being able to create your own one of a kind window treatment. Of course, even if you purchase your window treatments, you can still choose accessories, such as curtain rods, pullbacks, sheers and blinds to let your windows standout as a wonderful design element in your room.

There's no doubt, lighting can create the perfect ambiance. You can choose from bright task lights to place next to a favorite work area or reading nook or beautiful sconces to add a dramatic touch to a hallway or other area. The use of various types of lighting will not only ensure your home is functional, but it can bring a visual appeal that is hard to match. If you really want something unique, considering painting or stenciling your own lampshade. This can be a fun project and a great way to add a touch of color. An inexpensive garage sale find can be transformed into the perfect lamp for a side table with nothing more than a little paint.

When you want the perfect design for a living area or family room, consider the type of furniture you choose. Color can liven up your home and a fun and relaxing space is the perfect place to add colorful throw pillows or accent your home design with a splash of color in your accent pieces. Choose a big colorful bowl to hold TV and stereo remotes or a colorful arrangement of family photos.

It is possible to create a home design that not only meets the needs of your family, but also looks great. There's not need to spend a fortune decorating your home, a few simple and inexpensive touches can make a big difference.

When home designs come up, I always think of the dream home I would like to have. However, there are a number of things that we need to ensure all visitors feel welcome in our homes. There are a number of things that can be done to make the home more welcoming. These methods may include a combination of different things or we may just stick to one way of making the home design more welcoming.

Paint and Color Tricks
Some colors portray a warm personality that is easy to get along with. The color will also make the house look more inviting to all your guests. Some shades of brown, peach, red and orange make your living space more inviting. When painting is out of the option, curtains, carpets and other forms of drapery can be used to achieve the same effect. For example, in the presence of a green couch, the use of a curtain with a green hue or carpets with some aspect of green will go a long way in making the room warmer. Throw pillows, a painting on the wall or even sheers will ensure that we create a great home design for all our guests. Ensuring that we use a few colors will avoid an overdone look.

Well, this is one old trick of ensuring comfort of all guests. We may use furniture of different sizes and shapes in different rooms to achieve a welcoming effect. The furniture may include sofa sets, arm chairs, rocking chairs or even sofa beds. Well, diversity is a great way of achieving comfort. One great point to be noted here is that the furniture used should be comfortable. We can enhance this by use of throw pillow of different sizes and colors. Harmonious arrangement of the furniture in any room is also a necessity. Ensure that guests can easily access the seats, the tables and do not have to carry furniture around in order to move from one location to another.

Less Clutter
Nobody likes an unsightly heap of newspaper clippings or magazines in the living area. Well, we can help improve the scene by use of magazine holders. These should be neatly arranged in a specific area of the living room. In essence, drawers may also help in hiding the mess. However, we should always keep the drawers neat just in case a guest decides to look for a magazine. Old clippings and magazines should be disposed off properly to avoid cluttering the house unnecessarily. We only keep the recent issues of magazines as entertainment for our guests. In other rooms such as the bedrooms, a drawer may be dedicated to these essential entertainment pieces or we may use magazine holders and shelves to achieve the same effect.

Here's a great video to help you get rid of your clutter...

Well, who wants to sit in a place that stinks of sweat or dog poo? We need to invest in quality air fresheners if necessary to ensure that the rooms have a great fragrance. This can also be achieved by use of fresh flowers, ensuring that there is plenty of fresh air through opening windows on time. Some fragrant plants will also help in making our homes have an inviting fragrance. One mistake we make is using an overbearing spray just before the guests arrive. As much as the intention is good, an overbearing smell may affect guests negatively especially those with allergic reactions to strong smells. Therefore we should invest in a good quality, mild and pleasant fragrance for the home design to be complete.

Well, this shows creativity and it strikes such warm response from all guests. Customized art is a great way of making a home design more inviting to all guests. We may customize the designs ourselves or let a professional artiste do it. A well done piece of art in the living room, coupled with a great combination of drapery and furniture will achieve a great scenery that will keep all our guests smiling. Customizing furniture, drapery, pieces of art or even the way the house is painted are great examples of how customization can help in sprucing up the home design.

Now that summer is in full swing, you may be wondering how to enjoy your favorite movie with your family and friends while swimming in your pool or while hosting a BBQ. Welcome to the ever growing popularity of the "Backyard Cinema." With numerous technological advancements and the costs going way down for portable projectors and bluetooth speaker systems that easily connect to your tablet or phone, you can now easily stream films from your choice of online services like Netflix and VUDU.

To help you along in your research to put together you own backyard theater, we've combed the Internet and found some great resources for you:

  1. Popular Mechanics: here you'll find a host of photos of some really functional cinemas for your yard as well some great "how to" advice in putting one together for yourself.
  2. CNET: here you'll find some great ideas on how to get your movies playing on a low budget. You probably have most of the basic technology you need, but just in case, CNET has some great advise on how to get you started on the cheap.
  3. Instructables: for those of you who are Do It Yourselfers here's a great article complete with line drawings, photos, sketches and your Home Depot shopping list for putting together your very own screen to project your movies onto.
  4. TheGlamourai: now this is an interesting article for the romantics out there. One thing I really like is how simple she's made the screen with a clothes line and a white sheet. Well worth checking out.
  5. Last but not least, here's a great video that shows you how to build your backyard cinema in a single weekend:


Design for your home can help bring out the very best in your personality. Often times, we think of design as a form vs. function challenge. The folks over at have recently posted a really fun article that could make your house truly awesome. Although many of the ideas may not be an exact match for your particular design or space needs, you are sure to get some great ideas from this article.